We admit it. We are a bunch of uncompromising originals.
And we want to bring back vegetables to your plate.

But perhaps you are asking: why on earth are these precious vegetables so important?

Well, first of all, because they taste absolutely delicious. Every day we hear about eating more vegetables because it is the right thing to do, and of course, you cannot argue with that. At PerfectSeason we want to point out another reason for eating more vegetables, because otherwise you miss out on a whole universe of absolutely wonderful flavours.

Besides, it has really taken us a long time to develop our products. We have put in an incredible effort. We believe that you can taste good workmanship. That is one of the reasons why we make our products from 100 % organic ingredients, which have been carefully processed to preserve as much as possible of their nutritional value and, of course, their wonderful flavour. In fact there are so many vegetables in our products that they count in the recommended ‘five a day’.

PerfectSeason is like a chair with three legs. If that sounds a bit nerdish, then keep reading. We started this venture, each with our own great passion.

For Emil A, the dream was a sustainable product that would help make the world a better place. For Henrik it was understandable foods that contributed at the same time to everyone’s personal health. And for Emil W it was all about making vegetables flippin’ cool again. (Well, that is not quite what he actually said…)

So everything we do, say and think arises from our personal dreams. And then, of course, they have all melted together in a fantastic symbiosis filled with vegetables, flavoured with harmony and friendship, accompanied by velvet sounds of Marvin Gaye.

We’re looking forward to take you with us on our journey.

Warm regards

The Mission

It is important to us that we do things properly. That is why it has taken a long time to develop our products. We stick our necks out and have an opinion about what we eat. Plant-based is not simply plant-based. Many of the plant-based products on the market contain highly processed ingredients, and at the same time have a high content of salt, saturated fats and E-numbers. In fact many of these products do not have much to do with the vegetables and plants they make such a virtue of.

Our vision is that plant-based food should be full of whole vegetables, pulses and herbs. In fact it is quite simple. So that is where we started out. We make good, organic food from quality ingredients. You don’t need an encyclopaedia to understand our list of ingredients – because when all is said and done, they are just vegetables.

Our vision