Who are we

PerfectSeason is driven by creativity and a passion for lots of vegetables. If you are looking for answers to our FAQ, bursting with curiosity about our mission, or just need our accountant’s e-mail address, you have come to the right place.

We believe in bringing back vegetables on people’s plates and in their kitchens. Where have they all gone? In our busy lives there is less and less time to cook. On a typical weekday evening, only 44 % of Danes eat a home-cooked meal. So why not let us help you? Our products are made from things you can find in your own kitchen. No additives, no soya, no messing about. In short: no tricks, just vegetables.

After all: it's just vegetables!

Since 2018

Did you know that PerfectSeason started in a kitchen in Copenhagen in 2018?

Off on a new adventure

In fact, PerfectSeason started as a meal box, but they are now available from more than 8 stores, both physically and online.

Our safety catch

Food must be easy to understand. If a six-year-old can’t read it, then it should not be on our list of ingredients.

Producing food for the world has an enormous impact on the environment and climate. In Denmark alone, about 20 % of our total climate impact comes from the food we eat. So at PerfectSeason we take an active stand. All the decisions we make are weighed up and checked for sustainability.

We take the environment seriously